Letter: Romney deserves some credit

There is a growing concern among Utah’s business leaders about climate change. Sen. Romney deserves credit for focusing on the problem and offering a fresh approach.

We’ve worked hard to make Utah a great place for business. Quality of life is a key factor in a company’s decision to locate here. Prospective employers need confidence that their employees will breathe fresh air and have ample access to water and outdoor recreation. Likewise, our tourism industry depends on clean air and snowy winters.

Unfortunately, air quality and seasonal temperature data trends support the concern that carbon pollution is putting Utah’s famed mountain lifestyle, snowy winters and scenic lands at risk. If this continues, Utah will no longer be a great place to live or visit — and our economy will pay a price.

At an event last month, Sen. Romney offered an idea that deserves our consideration: charging companies a fee for their carbon emissions and rebating the money to American households. This “carbon dividends” approach stands out from other climate plans because it would simplify regulations for businesses, encourage clean tech innovation and give consumers extra cash to spend. In other words, it would grow the economy.

It takes courage as a Republican to acknowledge the climate problem and put forth a credible plan to mitigate effects on the economy and quality of life. Sen. Romney deserves our thanks and praise.

Bill Rappleye