Finally, a climate solution where all sides win.

We launched Utahns for Carbon Dividends because America needs a climate policy that bridges partisan divides, strengthens our economy and protects our environment.”

Supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders, the carbon dividends solution offers the best chance for a bipartisan breakthrough on climate.

For the economy, for the environment, for future generations of Utahns.

With carbon dividends, we can safeguard Utah’s pristine landscapes, unlock innovation and preserve our way of life for our children and grandchildren.

A Climate Plan Like No Other

Cuts U.S. Carbon Emissions In Half By 2035
Makes The Majority Of American Families Financially Better Off
Unlocks American Innovation
Grows Our Economy Without Growing Government
Compels China And India To Act
Cuts Burdensome Regulations

Who We Are

With carbon dividends, Utah can lead the country toward a cleaner, safer and more prosperous future. The time to join the climate conversation is now.


A. Scott Anderson
President and CEO,
Zions Bank

Kera Birkeland
Utah House District 53

Mitchel Garsz
President/CEO, Utahs American Latino Chamber of Commerce

Dallin Koecher
Executive Director, Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce

Greg Miller
Board of Directors, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

Kelleen Potter
Mayor, Heber City

Bill Rappleye
President/CEO, Draper Chamber of Commerce

Founding Members

Utah Young Republicans

Draper Chamber of Commerce

Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce

Park City Chamber and Visitors Bureau

Utah’s American Latino Chamber of Commerce

Tribe Rentals

Shauna Mecham
Planner, Air Quality & Active Transportation
Mountainland Association of Governments

Suzanne Gleed
President, SGW Investments

Tarek Mango
Managing Director,
Mango Enterprises

Ryan Easton
Marine Veteran & GOP Advocate

Grayson Massey
Former Chair,
Utah Federation of College Republicans

Jasmine Lawrence
GOP Advocate

Luke McDermott
Business Leader & GOP Advocate

Ben Ferney
Student Body President at Weber State University

Rane Smith
Business Leader & GOP Advocate

Jimie Guzman
GOP Advocate & Volunteer

Brianna Kreisel
Pre-Med Student at BYU

Jana Conrad
GOP Advocate

Nathan Hessing
Owner, Time Travelers Bakery

Tiffany Hansen
GOP Advocate

Seodam Kwak
Vice Chairman, Utah Federation of College Republicans

Nick Compton
Chair, Utah Valley University College Republicans

Tyler Cooper
Vice President, Utah Valley University College Republicans

Ted Arnoldus
Owner, Ashby Logistics, LLC

Andrew Sandstrom
Regional Director, YCCD Utah

Raymond Ward
Utah House District 19

McKay Newell
State Treasurer, Utah GOP

Mackey Smith
Vice Chair, Salt Lake County GOP

Utahns For Carbon Dividends Founding Statement

Strengthening the economy and protecting the environment don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We can achieve both through a bipartisan climate solution that ensures the brightest possible future for Utahns.

Join us

in advocating for a climate solution that strengthens our economy and protects our environment:

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