Letter: Just like coronavirus, fighting climate change will take unity

As America fights the coronavirus, I can’t help feeling more hopeful about our ability to tackle climate change. We’re seeing both parties put politics aside for the good of the country and the economy. Scientists across the globe are collaborating in ways they never have before to come up with treatments. Businesses are stepping up and working with governments to contain the crisis and help workers and first responders. Americans everywhere are setting aside their personal interests for the common good. It’s this spirit of goodwill and national unity that we will need to address the climate problem.

Once we get through this, Congress will return to issues voters care about, including climate. To me, there’s a clear lesson from this crisis: Challenges that affect us all require everybody to come together on solutions. Just like a global pandemic, climate change knows no borders and doesn’t spare members of any political group or ideology. We must stop letting the issue divide us and start working on realistic solutions that everyone can support.

The climate plan I’ve seen that can unite both sides is called carbon dividends — a bipartisan solution that’s backed by major businesses and environmental leaders. When we emerge from this crisis, it’s time to take a closer look at this proposal and see whether we can find common ground on solving the most important environmental challenge of our time.

Rane Smith

South Jordan