Letter: Baker-Shultz plan is the conservative solution to climate change

Within his first days in office, President Biden has reminded us what the Democratic answer to climate change is: big government overreach. Make no mistake, we need to address climate change. But singling out America’s energy producers with heavy-handed regulations is the worst way to do it.

No doubt this first wave of executive orders is only the tip of the spear for the Democrats. The only way Republicans can counter this big government agenda is to put forth a sensible climate solution of our own. That solution is the Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends Plan.

This plan has earned the support of major U.S. businesses, including oil and gas companies, as well as a coalition of business and community leaders in Utah. Market-based climate solutions, like Baker-Shultz, get the government out of the way and let American business do what they do best: innovate. That’s why they are endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. Among these market-based policies, Baker-Shultz stands out as the ideal solution. Unlike other proposals, it gets rid of cumbersome regulations and puts money into the pockets of American consumers—all while actually solving the underlying climate problem.

With this sensible, conservative solution, we can stop worrying about climate change—and stop ceding the issue to the Democrats.

Rane Smith, South Jordan