Letter: Republicans have a plan to address climate change

As a young conservative professional, it has been encouraging to me and others like me to watch as Utah business leaders and young Republicans voice their support for market-based solutions to climate change. As House Republicans unveil their response to the Biden administration’s climate proposals, they must know it is vital they support solutions to climate change that are cohesive with conservative values and that are actually capable of lowering global emissions. This is why any serious Republican climate plan must include a price on carbon.

No policy does a carbon price better than the Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends plan. With a price on carbon that rebates 100% of the revenue to taxpayers in the form of dividend checks, revenue is prevented from being directed to fund government programs. With a border adjustment for imports, Baker-Shultz would give an advantage to U.S. businesses in U.S. markets. It would also include a regulatory rollback, thereby shrinking the size and scope of the EPA.

This plan was co-authored by former Cabinet members of the Reagan and Bush administrations, and recent industry support came after massive, nationwide support from young Republican leaders like me. It is the Republican alternative to Democratic climate plans.

Andrew Sandstrom